JJ PROMOTER AND PROPERTY DEVOLOPERS This Our Company is the registered headquarters in Villupuram City in our Tamilnadu State.


Our company, with a strong focus on real estate business, spreads its presence across Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.



Through real estate for our company provides the people is benefit for low-cost housing Plots, Houses, farm land, Agriculture Land, Commercial Land, Building Etc…. And large-scale part-time Jobs and their family income


Those who work with our company can raise their economic status and even the disadvantaged in the economy can earn income using their contacts


Of our company Managing Director Mr. S.Jaisankar an expert in over 15 years of land business experience. 11 years working as a document Writer job. He works as a consultant to over 20 land business companies.
He has been a social Media networker for over 7 years. He is experienced in a variety of marketing systems.
The scientist who explains that heat is everything. The most experienced our managing director, who has spent most of his life in the real estate business, is embarking on a new journey with the promise of an affordable service to the public through an alternative land business system aimed at transforming the land business they have become.